about us

Worlds And Tribes was born in the summer of 1989.

From the beginning our goal has been to provide you with the finest selection of sterling silver jewellery in Canada. Twenty years later we feel we offer the market some of the best designs and quality available.

In a world of come and go trends, the one constant is style. At Worlds and Tribes we believe that our style is simple and sleek with pieces that are playful and unique.

In the Spring of 2001 Worlds And Tribes won “Best Personnel” award at the Vancouver Gift Show. Well, a few years later we would like to think that not too much has changed, from designing to importing, selling to shipping, we have our eyes on your order from beginning to end putting us in an excellent position to offer you personalized service and amazing jewellery at great prices.

Worlds and Tribes… jewellery for the modern tribe… is just what it is.

Thank you for your support.


qui sommes-nous?

jewellery for the modern tribe

“Jewellery is an extremely popular item that everybody loves. Jewellery is very personal and touches your emotions. It might bring back memories, or make up new ones, being all wrapped around your finger or kept close to your heart or soul. When you give a piece of jewellery, it shows how much you care for that person.”

Lucie Angers, Retail News Magazine, January/February 2004.